About Us

About Us

HUmble Beginnings

Born and raised in South Korea, Chris Lim (임성덕) moved to the United States from his full-ride Business Graduates degree scholarship. Once he settled in Southern California, Chris started his real estate and mortgage loan company. He came up with the name, Bestway Mortgage, because he wanted to give his clients the best possible deals through the best possible methods. 

For most of his time in business, Chris never had any marketing campaigns or even a website. Despite that, he was able to grow his business by over 25% year over year through word of mouth. His clients were so satisfied with Chris’s service and results, they go back to do more deals and refer him to their friends. The main reason why Chris has a website now is because his daughter, Julie Lim, wanted to practice her web design skills. 


4 Languages

한국어 - Español - 普通话 - English

2 Licenses

Real Estate Broker - Mortgage Broker

15+ Years

Experience in the industry

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